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برة في الشارع فيلم عن مجموعة من عمال ضاحية حلوان في مصر، الحي ذو الأغلبية من الطبقة العاملة. في هذا الفيلم يشترك تسعة عمال في ورشة تمثيل، خلال البروفات يستحضرون… Google Nexus 5X: Long-Term Re-Review | Recombu We re-review the Google Nexus 5X, the cheapest Google Nexus phone from 2015, almost a full year after launch to see how this LG-manufactured mobile holds up in 2016. Homepage - This Week in Palestine Established in 2017 with the support of the European Union, the B-Hub at Birzeit University applies an integrated approach to addressing the most critical problems that face the local economy: unsustainable small businesses, damaging social and environmental practices, and high unemployment rates among Palestinian youth. Google Nexus 6P: Re-review after nine months

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